Social Network A Medium for Communication and Ruining Relationships??


Has Social Network evolved into a seemingly easier, less psychotic way to “stalk” or keep tabs on your significant other? This blog will explore how this has been happening with particular reference to Facebook.



A friend once mentioned that the guy she’s been dating for almost 5 months sent her a “relationship status request” on Facebook. Now this isn’t the simple “In a relationship <3” this is the “In a relationship with…..” Her excitement was uncontainable to say the least. She expressed how much she liked him and enjoyed how he’d like her photos and status and write on her wall, unlike her ex-boyfriend. With the most quizzical look on my face I contemplated if this was the “big ask” to be in a relationship, since he’d never asked her in ‘real life’. Why would she be so excited to think asking one to be in a committed and real relationship would come from sending a request via Facebook? This sparked my interest in the topic of this blog which deals with ‘The Impacts of Social Media on Relationship’



Rhea’s blog, TriniAdvice has had a great impact on me from the very first blog she published, because I’ve seen how technology and Social Network quickly became a tool that’s now a necessity in some relationships. More and more persons demonstrate a need to publicize their relationships through Social Network, which has proven to be problematic.


DTR- Defining The Relationship


Individuals feel the need to publicly announce and ‘DTR’  via Facebook. As Triniadvice mentioned in an earlier blog post one of these reasons to publicize one’s relationship is due to security reasons. One of the partners in the relationship (mainly the female) believe that their boyfriend refuse to change their relationship status because they want to flirt and pursue other girls. By having such deep-rooted doubts the insistent request or continued demand to have the relationship status changed and set to public becomes a foundation where trust is expected to sprout from.

“Let the world know you love me”


Many times I’ve heard friends of mine say that if their significant other isn’t publicizing their emotions through photos together (with those unnecessary cliché captions) or writing on their walls , they don’t really love them or have something to hide or are ashamed of them. This is extremely unhealthy idea to judge someone’s feelings off of.

The Green Monster


Let’s talk about jealousy. Jealousy is one of the strongest emotions anyone in a relationship can feel. That burning desire to protect what’s yours when someone seems to be coming on too strong can send fireworks shooting when the issue is confronted. This usually occurs when someone is “poking” your significant other too much, liking or commenting on your significant other’s every status and photos and those flirtatious virtual winks and kisses that make your blood boil with territorial emotions.

“Your location determines that you just lied”


Also with the upgrades on Facebook, persons can see the location where messages are being sent. Talk about being able to easily stalk your significant other and see if they’re lying when you ask “Babe, where are you?” and they say by their mom and then you reply, “Your mom doesn’t live in Chaguanas -_- ?!! Why are you there?”… Followed by the awkward silence and long excuses of course

Fairytale or just a Tale?


There’s that innate desire to create the idealistic virtual reality that you have a fairytale relationship. By publishing every single aspect of your relationship and posting those obvious planned photos of you and your significant other, you try to sell the image of happiness and perfection when in truth and fact it’s only just a façade.

Shape up or Ship out!


Let’s not speak about sharing those “I deserve better” or suggestive post-argument posts after an argument or breakup. This is sure to give your “friends” an insight that there’s trouble in the paradise you let people believe. By playing the victim card and trying to make your significant other feel guilty by seeing your friends empower you with words of encouragement like “If they don’t appreciate you, leave” it becomes difficult to sort out your problems as there is an overwhelming amount of outside opinions. This often ends up backfiring when you reconcile with your loved one, as friends now see your relationship as nothing more than a public show.


Although Social Media has benefits of being able to keep in contact, it has had a lot of negative impacts on relationships as we have been seeing through the past blog entries.


According to Liana Statenstein, “Social media is a virtual platform based on how we want the world to perceive us — from profile picture angles to witty updates — it is not an actual reality.” It would be a great benefit to both parties in the relationship if their issues and happiness was not shared with social media but instead kept and appreciated between them.

Hope you guys enjoyed my guest blogger Trinisarrfyre. To view some more of her posts on Stereotypes you can have a vist on her page:



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